Don’t care how, I want it now

The thought occurs that I could, in fact, be Verruca Salt, the excessively spoilt girl in Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want the world. I want the whole world. Not in a squirrels and chocolates sort of way but in a literal ‘I actually do want the world’ sort of way. I want to go everywhere and see everything and not be tied down. I also want a career and a house that would be somewhere to call my own.

Possible? Eventually (I hope). Probable? No. Especially as I want these things now and at the same time.

So which way is it going? I’ve so far made it sound like both options are readily available to me and I can just choose one and that’s the end of it. Not so. I’m living at home, looking for a job whilst waiting to see if I get invited to apply for a Canadian working holiday visa. It’s two months since I started the quest for both and as of yet, neither have presented themselves.

The longer it goes on the more time I have to overthink my options. I change my mind about what I think I want roughly every ten minutes. In all honesty if I had my own way I would be on a plane to somewhere far away where it doesn’t rain and I can feel the freedom of travelling wherever I decide to go. I have a couple of things keeping me at home for the next few months so focusing on a career would be a good option. It would be a great option if I knew what that career should be. So in the meantime I’m searching. For whichever answer comes first.

It’s a typical case of indecisiveness and I’m hoping the answer will present itself in good time. But while I wait, if I could just have a squirrel. And a boat. And a golden ticket. NOW